An Educational Guide for Enterprise SD-WAN in 2022 and Beyond

Tuesday, February 15th, 11:00AM ET (Eastern Time) - Americas

Thursday, February 17th , 11:00AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - EMEA

If you are among the nearly 70% of enterprise organizations that have yet to experience the benefits of SD-WAN technology, don’t worry we understand.  The landscape is diverse, and the technology is ever changing.  The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is taking off in enterprises of all sizes, and for good reason. Simplifying administration with a centralized policy driven approach, the SD-WAN is transport independent, whether MPLS, Internet, WiFi, 3G, 4G or 5G and prioritizes traffic according to policy. It increases business agility and speeds provisioning, while driving down the total cost of the WAN. The first generation of SD-WAN was really about reducing costs, and replacing MPLS with broadband and dedicated internet access. Now we are in the phase where SD-WAN is not about reducing cost, it’s about business continuity.

As SD-WAN technology continues to evolve, hear first-hand from industry analyst Darian Bird of EcoSystm about the latest trends, business drivers and expected business outcomes.  In this webinar you will learn the top trends in SD-WAN technology, what Cloud-Native SD-WAN is and why it’s important, as well as explore the key tenets of the right SD-WAN solution. 

  • Introduction to SD-WAN technology.
  • How top industry experts see the SD-WAN market evolving in 2022
  • Why a cloud-native SD-WAN platform can make all the difference
  • Top 5 questions you should be prepared to answer when picking an SD-WAN provider

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Konstantin Bezruchenko

Chief Technical Officer

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Dan Dulac

Darian Bird

Dan Dulac is Extreme’s Vice President of SaaS Solutions Strategy. He is responsible for global go-to-market enablement of Extreme’s SaaS solutions. His passion is exploring, designing and presenting solution strategies addressing today’s challenges while preparing for the needs of tomorrow.  Dan has devoted his 25-year career in the IP networking industry after receiving his BS Degree in Mathematics from the University of New Hampshire.

Darian spent ten years at IBM, where he was a principal advisor for infrastructure services and hybrid cloud in Europe. Prior to this, he was a research manager at IDC gaining emerging markets experience and headed up their offshore research team based in Kuala Lumpur.

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