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17 Jan 2018, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST | Online

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Join us for a 30-minute Extreme Live Demo session

Thursday - 29th Sep, 2022     ||  Successful Customer Retention in Retail through Cloud Network Management
Tuesday - 11th Oct, 2022        ||  Am I ready for the cloud – what if I am not?
Wednesday - 19th Oct, 2022  ||  Network Management in Healthcare - Supporting digital connectivity programs
Wednesday - 9th Nov, 2022   ||  Is remote working the same everywhere?
                                                     The advantages of SD-WAN for multi-location business

Thursday - 24th Nov, 2022     ||   Wi-Fi What? All you need to know
Wednesday - 7th Dec, 2022   ||   Mobile network management - Value your time. 


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Patrick Groot Nuelend

EMEA Solutions Architect, Extreme Networks

Leon Champken

Sr. Manager of Systems Engineering, Extreme Networks

Jaspal Singh Virdee

Principle Systems Engineer UK&I, Extreme Networks

Michael Lane

Principal Systems Engineer, Extreme Networks

Join us for a 30-minutes no-nonsense Extreme Live Demo session

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Thursday - 29th September, 2022 
Successful Customer Retention in Retail
through Cloud Network Management

The retail world is one of the most demanding when it comes to  satisfying customer needs. This 30 minute session will look at 3 ways to support a successful retail business with your network, keeping both the interests of the organisation and your customers in mind. 

Tuesday - 11th October, 2022

Am I ready for the cloud – what if I am not? Cloud networking and alternatives explained.
Everyone is talking about the Cloud but you’re not sure whether your network is ready or not? What does taking your network to the cloud entail and what else can you do to future-proof it when compliance doesn’t allow you to transform just yet? Our experts will walk you through the pros and cons of all possible scenarios and take you on a quick demo tour of our networking solutions. 

Wednesday - 19th October, 2022
How to support your digital connectivity programs with your network infrastructure - Satisfying patients, employees and compliance

Networks in Healthcare carry a heavy load; they need to keep both data secure and patients happy. Healthcare sees an increasing demand on often fragile, complicated and aging network infrastructures, due to the plethora of end user devices, intelligent IoT systems and technological innovation across the healthcare sector. This infrastructure is now key in ensuing that core projects and initiatives are delivered in an intelligent manner, not only from an application perspective, but also from the ability to understand what is happening across the estate and beyond into outsourced and cloud based environments and most importantly in real-time.
Join us for our 30-minute webinar to learn more about how you can support digital connectivity programs with the right infrastructure.

Wednesday - 9th November, 2022

The advantages of SD-WAN for multi-location businesses

With your network now being more distributed and facing more demands by its users, it’s no longer sufficient to maintain control over one centralized piece of the network. You now need to understand, monitor, and gain insights into every user on the network, who may all have different circumstances and needs. You need to understand their connectivity, the applications and microservices they have access to, troubleshooting they have to go through. The infinitely distributed network will help you achieve this by collecting insights about your users, about your network, and assuring that these users get those consistent experiences, connectivity, and flexibility to connect wherever they are. 
In our short-30 minute intro-level webinar our experts will talk you through how to support a multi-location Infinite Enterprise that allows its employees to work from anywhere, at a low total cost of ownership with an SD-WAN setup that will save your IT department precious resources and valuable time.

Thursday - 24th November, 2022 
Wi-Fi What? All you need to know.

Wi-Fi 5 / 6 / 7 / 802.11 an / 802.11 ax… Ever wondered what all that technical jargon actually means, what are the differences and which one is the latest and greatest? Our Wi-Fi experts will get you up to speed with the basics of Wi-Fi technology and how to save your IT team’s valuable time by managing your network in the cloud.

Wednesday - 7th December
Remote network management 
The whole world is talking about working from home, but do you or your IT team still have to go to the office for trouble shooting?
Whilst ExtremeCloud IQ is taking your network to the cloud, it's Co-Pilot and the ExtremeCloud IQ mobile companion app will take you home. Whilst ExtremeCloud IQ is taking your network to the cloud, it's Co-Pilot and the ExtremeCloud IQ mobile companion app will take you home. Join us for a 30-minute discussion on remote network management incl. a live demo of ExtremeCloud IQ and the mobile app that goes with it if you want to troubleshoot on the go.

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