September 2nd
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Our next upcoming session: 
User Experience with SDWAN
Tuesday - December 5, 2023
10 am BST | 11 am CET | 2 pm GST (45-60 minutes)

Is your network slowing down your business ?
Old legacy networks are becoming too complex and costly to manage. According to the EMA’s report, the percentage of successful network operations teams has dropped from 49% in 2016 to just 27% in 2022, with the least successful teams still preferring on-premises management*.

Navigate your way through cloud network management!
This series of  45-60 minute demo sessions will walk you through the many layers and aspects of managing your network in the cloud.

Join us if you want to:
- maximize ROI on your technology investments
- free up IT teams for more strategic work
- reduce network operating costs
- discover the business benefits of network data analysis
know if you’re ready to take your network to the cloud and explore other possible options if you’re not.

Network Management Megatrends 2022: Navigating Multi-Cloud, IoT, and NetDevOps During a Labor Shortage

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All sessions are taking place at 10 am BST | 11 am CET | 2pm GST.

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17 Jan 2018, 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST | Online

In the National Football League technology plays a significant role in ensuring the game day experience for fans is quality...

Join us for an Extreme Live Demo session

Thursday - November 22, 2023   ||  10 am BST | 11 am CET | 2 pm GST (45-60 minutes)
Flexibility First - Mastering 3rd Party Network Management.

Company legacies, board preferences, and budget constraints often result in mixed networks within companies. Managing this diversity can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling like a firefighter tackling the biggest fires first.

What if there was a way to efficiently manage it all, regardless of your switches and Access Points' vendor? Are you ready to revolutionize your network management strategy?

Participate in our eye-opening webinar as we explore the capabilities of ExtremeCloud IQ and ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine in mastering third-party networks, providing a route to cloud-management, even for legacy network devices. 

Topic: Flexibility First - Management of 3rd Party Networks
Date: Wednesday, November 22nd
Time: 10 am GMT | 11 am CET | 2 pm GST
Duration: approximately 45-60 minutes

During this dynamic session, we'll cover:

  • Seamless Integration: Learn how ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine effortlessly integrates with third-party networks, providing a unified management experience tailored to your unique infrastructure.

  • Innovative Solutions: Discover Extreme's game changing solutions overcome the challenges of managing diverse network environments, with the simplest licensing in the industry.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Unleash the true potential of flexibility in network management. ExtremeCloud IQ provides freedom in choosing your management style, whether it is on premise, cloud or hybrid management.

  • Path to the Digital Enterprise: Taking your enterprise network to the cloud has never been easier.  With Universal Licensing, Extreme is providing the industries first and only Universal Management solution that encompasses legacy, third party and cloud-native networks into a single solution platform.

Our experienced EMEA SaaS Solutions ArchitectDewald Botha, and the Manager of our Virtual Systems Engineering team, Robert Wright, will guide you through this Extreme Live Demo, providing you with fascinating insights into 3rd party network management.

Speaker Dewald Botha

Speaker Robert Wright

Dewald Botha
EMEA SaaS Solutions Architect

Robert Wright
Mgr of Systems Engineering

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your network management game. Register now for a webinar that promises to be a game-changer in the world of flexible and efficient third-party network management.

Dec 5 | 10 am BST | 11 am CET | 2 pm GST (45-60 minutes) 
User experience enhancement with SDWAN

Unlock the full potential of your network with our webinar, "User Experience Enhancement with Extreme SDWAN." Dive into the transformative features of Visibility, EQS, DWS, and Troubleshooting to optimize user experiences. Join our experts as they unravel the power of Extreme SDWAN in elevating network performance and ensuring seamless connectivity. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and revolutionize your network infrastructure. 

ExtremeCloud IQ

Chief Technical Officer

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Meet some of our speakers

Leon Champken

Senior Manager of Systems Engineering, Extreme Network

Robert Wright

Manager of Systems Engineering, Extreme Network

Alexander Nonikov

Senior Manager of Systems Engineering, Extreme Network

Michael Lane

Principal Systems Engineer, Extreme Networks

Join us for an Extreme Live Demo session

Webinar schedule - even more dates coming soon

Wednesday - 8th February, 2023 - 10am BST / 11am CET / 2pm GST
Cloud network management - Take the pilot's seat with ExtremeCloud IQ and it's Co-Pilot.

This Extreme Live Demo session will walk you through a deep dive demo of our ExtremeCloud IQ solution and all the major advantages of taking your network to the cloud. Take the stick and learn how to leverage cloud-based capabilities for network management, monitoring and troubleshooting to deliver data, services and digital experiences faster, more securely and less costly – without delays, expensive truck rolls and manual operations driving the risk of errors. And what better way to experience it than with a deep dive in the the cockpit of the ExtremeCloud IQ platform, CRN’s 2020 Networking Product of the Year!

Dewald Botha - Sr. Senior Systems Engineer EMEA
Patrick Groot Nuelend - EMEA Solutions Architect

Tuesday - 28th February , 2023 1.30pm BST / 2.30pm CET / 5.30pm GST
Wi-Fi in stadiums - A network taken to the Extreme
(incl. some exclusive insights into Super Bowl LVI analytics)

What does a network take to enable 70,000 people in a stadium to be able to enter it in a short period with a high amount of data throughput without any issues? Extreme Networks literally takes its networks to the extreme and supports teams like the NFL, MBL, NHL, Manchester United or Liverpool with Wi-Fi and/or Wi-Fi analytics which brings us valuable insights and learnings that ALL or customers can leverage from.
What digital activities do your users engage in the most? And how can you turn detailed network data into actual business insights? If your organization relies heavily on a smoothly running wireless network, join this session to learn more about building a next-level Wi-Fi and sharpening your competitive edge and sales through cloud-based analytics. Hear it from the top player in the game – the Official Wi-Fi Provider of the NFL and Official Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of Super Bowl LVI!

John Burke - Sr. Director Systems Engineering - The Majors, U.S.
Simon Vosper - Systems Engineer UK&I

Thursday - 16th March, 2023 - 10am BST / 11am CET / 2pm GST
Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

In today’s distributed world, many traditional network management tools are simply inefficient and disconnected. This leads to manual errors that degrade the network and way too many false alerts which successfully eat up countless hours of the IT staff’s work and generate costs. But what if you could resolve issues before users even noticed them, using proactive, explainable insights? Identify anomalies that – if not properly addressed in time – would otherwise cause serious outages? Join this session to learn how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can protect your network *and* your business!

Mike Lane - Principle Systems Engineer, one of the few Certified Wireless Experts (CWNE’s) in Europe.

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