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It’s now very clear that the wireless LAN (WLAN) is today the new edge of the enterprise or organizational network, and has become the primary or default access for, well, almost everyone. And there is also little doubt that the consumerization of IT (CoIT) is now well underway, with Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad leading the way. Apple devices bring special benefits and challenges because of their implementation of Bonjour, a "zero configuration networking" solution from Apple.

Join wireless analyst Craig Mathias of Farpoint Group, Dan Dulac and Ali Kafel of Enterasys Networks for an informative discussion of:

  • Key Trends in Enterprise WLANs
  • The Evolving Enterprise network: CoIT, BYOD and WiFi
  • Introduction to the Apple Bonjour protocol
  • How to overcome the limitations of the Apple Bonjour protocol in the enterpriseWhy BYOD will dominate device deployments in your organization

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  • Craig Mathias, Principle Analyst, Farpoint Group
  • Dan Dulac, Vice President Solutions, Enterasys Networks
  • Ali Kafel, Director of Marketing, Enterasys Networks