Techbyte Mondays: Networking 101 Course for K-12 Webinar Series

Runs through February 13th
2pm ET/1pm CT

Extreme Techbyte Mondays has one purpose in mind - to help educate our colleagues in K-12 by providing them LIVE vendor agnostic training that helps create better networks and Wi-Fi in their little corner of the world.

This latest series, Networking 101 is served up in easy to digest “byte” size chunks each week with 30-45 minutes of instruction and then 10-15 minutes of Q&A. Over this now 13-week course (includes bonus session), you will learn about the fundamentals of networking technology, wireless communication, and the Internet. We will also touch on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This course which is brought to you in partnership with Extreme Academy is perfect for those who have excelled in other IT disciplines but aren’t strong in Networking fundamentals.

Main topics covered in this latest series of Techbyte Mondays: Networking 101 Course for K-12:

  • Data Communication Fundamentals
    • How network operations are described with the help of layers and protocols
    • How standards organizations impact the evolution of networks
  • Physical Connectivity (Layer 1 or L1)
    • Understanding the principles of physical layer operation
    • Become familiar with the various connection types and L1 related protocols
  • Logical Connectivity (Layer 2 or L2)
    • Principles of the Data Link Layer
    • Understanding L2 addressing
    • Understanding fundamentals of switch operations
    • Understanding the separation of broadcast domains using VLANs
  • Logical Connectivity (Layer 3 or L3)
    • Understanding the principles of the Network Layer
    • Understand L3 addressing
    • Basics of Routing
    • Understanding L3 Traffic types
  • Data Transport (Layer 4 or L4)
    • Understanding the principles of the Data Transport Layer
    • Differences between L4 source and destination ports
    • Differences between connection and connectionless protocols
    • Distinguish common L4 Networking protocols
  • Application Flow through the Communication Stack
    • How the Application layers interact with the lower layers of the OSI model
    • Essential network use cases from the communication stack viewpoint
  • Wi-Fi Networks
    • Understanding the value and purpose of Wi-Fi networks
    • Understanding how WLANs fit into modern networks
    • Primary differences between wired and wireless connectivity
    • Challenges WLANs create
  • The Internet demystified
    • Learn how TCP/IP communication is used for typical client-server connections across the internet
    • Essential internet protocols that make up the TCP/IP stack
    • Utilizing the ICMP protocol and how to use it to diagnose network connectivity issues
    • Understanding the most important parts of LAN-to-Internet operations such as NAT, WWW, DNS.
  • Managing Networks and Devices
    • Principles of Network Management
    • Rationale behind network management
    • How networks and devices are managed in an “On Premise” or “In Cloud” scenario and the differences between them
    • Real world examples of On-Premise and Cloud platforms
    • Cloud Security vs. On-Premise Security
    • Basics of device management options and protocols
    • Cloud based network management architecture
    • Automating network maintenance
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML and AI)
    • What is machine learning
    • What is artificial intelligence
    • How is ML and AI used in Networking?
  • Introduction to Coding and Scripting with Special Guest, Tim Smith (Bonus Session)
    • How scripting can benefit you and some best practices to get started
    • Understanding JSON and APIs and how to use them
    • Knowing what tools are available to help with ExtremeCloud IQs API and scripting

What to Expect:

  • Great education without a vendor sales pitch. Entire focus will help create better networks and Wi-Fi will be vendor neutral in easy to digest “byte “size chunks.
  • One-time registration for access to join every LIVE session
  • 30–45-minute sessions each week, plus an optional 15-minute Q&A
  • 13-week course (includes bonus session) with a heavy focus on K-12

Schedule of Monday session dates listed below at 2:00pm ET/1:00pm CT:

Oct 31 Dec 12
Nov 7 Jan 9
Nov 14 Jan 16
Nov 21 Jan 23
Nov 28 Jan 30
Dec 5 Feb 6
Feb 13 (Bonus Session)

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