Tech Talk Tuesday: Federal Data Center Design Series

June 15th 2021
1:00pm ET

IP Fabric Automation 

This webinar continues our Federal Data Center Design series with a deep dive into Extreme Fabric Automation which is leveraging the Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) architecture that was presented in our last webinar – the on demand version can be found here.

Extreme Fabric Automation enables critical Day 0 fabric infrastructure CRUD (Create, Read/Monitor, Update and Delete) operations of Extreme’s SLX routing and switching portfolio. No need to worry about configuring every switch manually with protocol-specific commands, thus reducing the time it takes to bring up a new fabric and add new switches.

In this webinar learn how to leverage the unique functionality of Extreme’s IP-Fabric automation:

  • Deployment flexibility – automate at your own pace
  • High availability support for multi-node environments for failover and fallback scenarios to provide continuous uptime
  • Ecosystem integrations simplify orchestration of attached services

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Konstantin Bezruchenko

Chief Technical Officer

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